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CT Scanners

Neusoft NeuViz 64IN

We are proud to offer CT Scanners from Neusoft Medical Systems. Neusoft has been developing CT Scanners since the 1990’s and has a rapidly expanding installed base in North America. Proven equipment reliability, advanced features and economical pricing have enabled Neusoft to grow quickly and become the brand of choice for many facilities. Plus Neusoft offers an extended warranty including non-prorated tube coverage, FREE applications support and FREE software upgrades for life – no service contract required. Some of the available models are highlighted below. Contact us today for more information and pricing - (800) 964-9289

Neusoft NeuViz 16 (16-Slices) Essence CT Scanner

Neusoft NeuViz 16EssenceR

Despite rapid advances in CT technology, the 16-slice CT scanner remains the most commonly used scanner for non-cardiac imaging. With cutting edge technology and a full complement of advanced applications – at no additional cost. The Essence represents the best value in the 16-slice market. It includes advanced clinical applications such as Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR), ClearView iterative reconstruction, O Dose 3D dose modulation, 1024 matrix imaging, head and neck bone removal, vessel analysis, O-Dose 3D Dose Modulation, virtual endoscopy and many more standard and optional features.

Neusoft Neuviz 64 In (64-Slices) CT Scanner

Neusoft NeuViz 64IN

The Neuviz 64 In (64-slices) scanner offers all of the advanced clinical applications mentioned in the above 16 Essence model plus many more. Standard features include Quad Sampling, SAS on supported injectors, Bolus Tracking, Vessel Analysis, Organ Safe, MPR/CMPR, 3D/SSD, MIP/MinIP/AIP/VE/VR, pediatric reference protocols and more. With Quad Sampling, slices are scanned and double sampled to increase pitch, increase coverage, increase resolution and provide a lower dose to patient. The gantry ring is designed to change colors to inform the patient what phase of the scan they are in. A wide variety of optional features such as Lung Density and 3D Lung Nodule Analysis, Calcium Scoring, Neusoft Virtual Colonoscopy and many more are available.

Neusoft NeuViz 128 (128-Slices) CT Scanner

The NeuViz 128 (128-slices) provides remarkable clarity and precision to expand the range of services you can provide while reducing operational costs. The 128 includes all of the standard features mentioned in the above 16 and 64 slice models, plus features such as Retrospective and Prospective Cardiac Imaging, Calcium Scoring, Neuro DSA and ECG-Dose Modulation (reduces tube current during non-imaging phases of the cardiac cycle to minimize patient dose). An impressive list of optional features include  Brain/Body Perfusion,  Lung Density and 3D Lung Nodule Analysis, Coronary Artery and Cardiac Function Analysis,  Neusoft Virtual Colonoscopy, Tumor Evaluation, Dental Analysis and more.

Neusoft Prime (128-Slices) CT Scanner

The Neusoft Prime 128-slice CT scanner builds on the standard features of the models above. It features top speed rotational acquisition time of 0.259 seconds, motion suppressing and Ultra-High imaging of 30lp/cm@0%MTF.  End waiting time due to liquid cooling of the rotating anode cool for an extended period. No need to warm up, and no need to wait for it to cool down. The tube allows 60 kV imaging at the maximum tube current of 833 mA. 60 kV imaging is ideal for pediatric studies. The Prime can also be upgraded with spectral imaging capabilities. The ability to perform image acquisition and processing at multiple energy levels is improving visualization for computed tomography and enhancing patient care. Spectral imaging is field upgradable for the NeuViz Prime. The NeuViz Prime is designed to offer Spectral Imaging by kV switching, which can add tissue characterization to morphology based on different materials. Calcium, iodine and water can be separated easily. The benefits focus on diagnosis for cancer, gout, calcified plaque, etc

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