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Commonwealth X-Ray is a leading supplier of the latest DR Detectors. Below you will find featured products we represent, with many other models available. Contact us today for more information and pricing or for an in-office demonstration - (800) 964-9289.

Samsung GR40CW Retrofit DR System

DR Detectors

The GR40CW allows users to simplify their daily routines. With GR40CW, workflow is three times faster than with CR systems and GR40CW is the same size as film/CR cassettes, allowing you to upgrade your old equipment to DR system without unnecessary hassle. Auto Exposure Detection (AED) recognizes exposure timing automatically without a cable connection between the X-ray generator and detector, thus enabling simple installation. Preview and acquisition take less than 2 seconds, and full acquisition less than 7 seconds. It is easy to shoot multiple images after checking the preview image. By reducing workflow steps, it reduces cost and time while increases productivity.

Konica Minolta Performance DR System

KONICA Performance DR System

PerformanceDR is the wireless DR solution that offers the convenience of Automatic Exposure Detection (AeroSync®) eliminating the connection to the generator, and the outstanding performance of Konica Minolta Digital Radiography detectors. Featuring AeroSync – no connection to the generator needed, the choice of ULTRA or CS-7 image acquisition, and an industry leading 7-year warranty on the power cell. Utilizes Hybrid (H) Processing - a unique image processing technique developed to realize superior image quality and improved patient diagnosis and easily integrate with existing RIS and PACS infrastructure to enable the technologist to acquire, view, and complete a study in a smooth, time saving workflow.

FujiFilm FDR D-EVO GL Long-View DR System


This Fujifilm long-view single exposure detector ensures consistent, easy patient positioning and repeatable image acquisition, reducing exam discomfort for a better patient experience. FDR D-EVO GL is 17×49 inches, expanding the traditional 14 inch CR long length field of view by 3 full inches to better accommodate a variety of patient sizes and help prevent retakes due to anatomy cut off. FDR D-EVO GL enhances the workflow of long-view radiography by capturing the entire image in a single exposure in just a few seconds, reducing the chance for patient motion-induced artifacts and time for the patient to remain still. It offers a low DR dose and simplified image acquisition compared to CR. Single exposure capture and reduced acquisition time compared to multi-exposure DR. Provides increased patient safety and comfort through faster exam completion and lower dose. Other Fujifilm models are also available.

FujiFilm FDR D-EVO III G80i DR System


Fujifilm’s latest generation ultra-lightweight, wireless long length detector features a 17×32” field of view and weighs just 12 lbs. FDR D-EVO III G80i brings added portability for spine and leg surgery uses, along with traditional upright and supine long length exams. FDR D-EVO III G80i’s light and thin design is ideal for trauma imaging in the ER and spine, leg and other surgical procedures. It can be used pre-, intra-, and post- surgery for precise verification of planning, measurements, hardware alignments, angles, counts and more. Its wireless connectivity to the console eliminates cords for safer, easier workflow in tight, sterile OR and ER environments. Its Hydro AG protective antibacterial coating provides added safety in infection controls and sterile field uses. Other Fujifilm models are also available.

RadmediX G3 Acuity DR Panels

RadmediX G3 Acuity

G3 Acuity 1417W, 1717W, and 1012W portable models provide limitless portability with reliable operations. Experience unbeatable performance of G3 Acuity DR and increase your productivity and diagnostic confidence. This innovative digital x-ray solution combines advanced ‘Information Technology’ with the latest digital detector technology. With its versatility, G3 Acuity DR provides ultimate image quality and can be applied in multiple environments for various applications. Extended battery life up to 8 hours on wireless models. Whether seeking a retro-fit solution for an existing x-ray system or package with fully integrated x-ray systems, the next generation of diagnostic imaging is here.

Rayence 1417WCC/WCG Wireless Flat Panel Detector

Rayence Wireless Flat Panel Detector

The ergonomically designed C-Series Cesium Iodide and Gadolinium Oxysulfide wireless detectors are designed to offer new levels of handling, functionality and exceptional diagnostic image quality in the X-ray room and beyond. The compact and lightweight Xmaru 1417 (14” x 17”) Wireless Digital Flat Panel Detectors are well designed to satisfy the daily diagnostic needs of the most demanding user. Features include: superb image quality with a low patient dose, image preview in two seconds, high visibility OLED window, water resistance to most typical water spills, and ability to add annotation text, graphics and electronic markers to an image.

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