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Commonwealth X-Ray is a leading supplier of the latest Mammography equipment and systems. Below you will find featured products we represent, with many other models available. Contact us today for more information and pricing or for an in-office demonstration - (800) 964-9289.

Fujifilm Aspire Cristalle


Aspire Cristalle with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) combines Fujifilm's extensive research, expertise and experience to offer a new, advanced digital mammography system that optimizes image contrast and dose across all breast types. The patented Comfort Paddle is one of many features that are designed to make mammograms more comfortable and easy for patients. Acquisition time is reduced to only 15 seconds. The use of Hexagonal Close Pattern (HCP) direct conversion technology captures stronger signals with less noise.  The new imaging technology and advanced algorithms provide exceptional imaging of all breast types, including dense breasts and implants, helping to reduce the anxiety of repeat exams and higher-dose procedures.


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