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Commonwealth X-Ray is a leading supplier of the latest Radiographic Equipment. Below you will find featured products we represent, with many other models available. Contact us today for more information and pricing or for an in-office demonstration - (800) 964-9289.

Samsung AccE GC85A Vision Fully Automated DR System


The Samsung AccE GC85A Vision DR system enables fully automated operation along with the THU, motorized wall stand and patient table. AccE Detector accelerates connection and promotes synergy between prestige systems. Vision Assist allows continuous patient monitoring through Vision Live, a live streaming camera in the THU, allowing control of positioning and settings from the control room or THU. S-Vue™ not only provides better image quality, but also secures better patient safety in radiography examinations. This can help change the patient’s perspectives for X-ray radiation and improve patient satisfaction while reducing dose levels. Continuous status tracking of the detector will help upgrade user confidence and guarantee uptime. Real-time shock sensing will allow the detector to be in shape for use at anytime, anywhere. Plus the system features auto lung nodule detection and bone suppression. Other advanced features include: over 500 pre-programmed exams, a glass-free detector, a patient size guide, one touch stitching with AI, a patient motion alarm and optimal collimation automatically with AI.

Samsung AccE GM85 Portable DR System


The premium mobile digital radiography system AccE GM85 provides an advanced driving experience and advanced applications to support enhanced usability and high image quality. The ultra-compact, ultra-light AccE GM85 allows access to anywhere, even in narrow hallways or tight spaces. Its light weight also allows easy maneuvering both in and out of elevators without worrying about the weight limit. The collapsible column enables safe navigation by securing a clear view. Light pressure on the handle is enough to control the speed of the device easily. The sensor on the front bumper automatically stops the device with a short braking distance. AccE Detector accelerates connection and promotes synergy between the systems. Continuous status tracking of the detector will help upgrade user confidence and guarantee uptime. Enhanced load allowance along with dust and water resistance allows the detector to be actively implemented in versatile environments. The long lasting battery allows you to work all day and charge in just four hours.

Samsung AccE GM85 Fit Portable DR System


As the procedure volume of mobile X-ray increases to deal with unprecedented patient volume, Samsung continues to focus on creating more efficient mobile imaging solutions. The GM85 Fit, a new configuration of the premium AccE GM85, was engineered to enhance workflow and improve diagnosis through advanced technology and novel design. This new mobile digital radiography system provides users with a more value-oriented option and features a user centric design that aids in efficient and effective patient care. The light-weight, ultra-compact design allows easy maneuvering to anywhere, even in narrow hallways or tight spaces. The collapsible column enables safe navigation by securing a clear view. It features a long tube reach (4.4 ft.) and wide positioning coverage. A wireless barcode scanner allows you to freely approach the patient and scan information without being restricted by obstacles that may be near you and the patient.  With a wireless hand switch that supports up to 10 m (33 ft) range, users can take images from far away to reduce radiation exposure. Prior Exam Review displays previous images and exposure parameters of the patient being examined. Other advanced features include Auto Lung Nodule Detection, Bone Suppression, optimal dose regulation and much more.

Del Medical FMT18T Digital Radiographic System


The FMT18T was designed with features proven to optimize workflow, patient care, and technologist productivity. The floor-mounted configuration makes it ideal for smaller imaging environments requiring low ceiling installations, such as urgent care and orthopedic facilities. FMT18T systems are built to withstand medium to high volume throughput. Synchronized motorized movement of the tube stand’s vertical axis maintains precise centering between the x-ray tube and image receptor. Available functions include vertical tracking to the wall stand and SID tracking to the elevating table. Other features include intuitive control, flexible positioning and auto-collimation.

CoRE Labs Halo OTS/OTC’s


Eleven different Halo OTS/OTC’s for your specific application are available. The Halo Compact is designed for low ceiling height installations. The Halo Extended is designed for extra-high ceiling applications. The Halo Touchscreen is for those who demand the fastest throughput and more security of collimation. The Halo Orthopedic features a custom telescope travel range. The Halo Everywhere is designed for existing room layouts where installation of a new halo OTS to existing Unistrut, lighting, sprinkler locations. The halo 2500 / 2517 is designed for extra-high patient volume. The Halo Trauma is for trauma or surgery suites where obtrusive traditional OTS systems are obtrusive to physicians. Also available are the Halo Outboard, the Halo Front/Rear, the Halo Spread and the Halo Tracking.


DRGEM GXR-SD Series Essential CS Digital Radiography System


The GXR-SD Series is a diagnostic digital radiography system providing reliable high quality digital radiographic images with reduced dose. The GXR-SD DR system provides comprehensive digital solutions to all radiography needs, featuring a digital imaging system with stationary or portable digital flat-panel detectors, and a reliable high-frequency x-ray generator which has a worldwide reputation on excellent performance, lifetime and stability. Also user-friendly designed tube stands, patient table and wall stand are offered for user’s choice. The GXR-SD Series DR system will improve your workflow, exam throughput and efficiency with excellent performance.

DRGEM Diamond Digital Radiography System


The DIAMOND DR System is a fully automatic digital radiography system providing state-of-the-art image quality, image processing, and user interface. With a wide selection of anatomical studies on the imaging software, DIAMOND automatically sets up the x-ray generator’s preprogrammed exposure technique settings, motorized radiographic stand positioning, x-ray collimation, and post-image processing for the selected study. Removable high resolution grids which have 100 and 180cm (40 and 72 inches) focal distance supplies excellent image quality per each SID. Specifically designed to increase workflow, this fully digital system offers convenient auto-positioning and advanced image processing to achieve greater performance with minimal effort.

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