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PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication Systems)

Commonwealth X-Ray is a leading supplier of the latest Medical PACS and Digital X-Ray equipment. Below you will find featured products we represent, with many others available. Contact us today for more information and pricing or for an in-office demonstration - (800) 964-9289.

Paxera Healthcare PACS


PaxeraUltima is a powerful browser-based, all-encompassing multi-modality medical viewer. It provides a consolidated work list and an easy to use universal viewer with a full spectrum of diagnostics and reporting tools – all from a single login. It features an industry leading view with ultra-fast streaming technology that works on any bandwidth. Daily workflow requirements are streamlined through smart filters, protocols, and full customization of the viewer’s interface. View images anywhere, anytime, from tablets or smart phones via the robust iPaxera app, which works on Apple and Android devices.

Konica Minolta exa®-PACS  


Konica Minolta has worked to keep their PACS on the forefront of Healthcare IT advancements. They have deployed an entirely web-based, zero-footprint, radiology software platform. Exa was designed to provide never before seen speed and workflow efficiency with the most advanced features and tool-sets available. All prior PACS were forced to sacrifice speed or functionality, but Exa delivers both. Exa’s Zero Footprint (ZFP) viewer offers full diagnostic toolsets and viewing capabilities from any computer. ZFP allows for immediate viewing on any consumer grade PC with no downloads, plugins or installations necessary. With no prefetching of exams required, and the ability to work on any operating system, Exa offers incredible speed benefits with Server-Side Rendering technology.

RadmediX AccueVueCloud PACS


The AccuVueCloud computing PACS system delivers both the computing and storage power over the internet. Our solution provides tools for general radiology, cardiology, orthopedics and other specialties throughout your practice & referring physicians. AccuVueCloud allows your facility to deliver improved patient care at a cost effective price. The AccuVueCloud PACS application not only provides expandable storage space without the cost to upgrade hardware, it offers increased computing power that allows you to view and manipulate hundreds of large images using hand-held mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and other tablets. When implementing AccuVueCloud, your practice will gain the added efficiency to access images securely anytime, anywhere via cellular or Wi-Fi network access.

Del Medical EvoView PACS


EvoView PACS is a diagnostic image management solution comprised of technologies and capabilities to provide professionals with an intuitive, powerful platform aimed to improve workflow efficiency and patient care in today’s healthcare environment. EvoView PACS gives users what they want, when, where, and how they want it. It can be installed on ANY designated workstation, or accessed via your favorite web browser while imploring user-level customizations and defaults. EvoView provides easy access from any PC or mobile device such as an iPad (or iPhone), Android (tablet or phone), and more using zero-footprint technology without the need for any specific App. With EvoView, there are no limits - no matter how users access it, customize it, etc. EvoView SystemManager allows PACS Administrators and IT Departments to maintain the entire PACS system from a central web-based interface.

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